Existing Tenant Management

Existing Tenant Management

Existing Tenant Management Warner RobinsHarder Real Estate Group, LLC offers several options to manage property and tenants. Existing Tenant Management Services might be the right option for you if your property already has a tenant and you want us to start collecting the rent, coordinating repairs, and all of the other tasks associated with managing the tenancy.

Our expertise with existing tenant management will save you time and money. Our rent payment process is entire online, which means the tenants are able to pay their rent online using debit cards, credit cards, or electronic checks (ACH). After receiving the rent online, we will then direct deposit the rent minus our fees into your account. No check deposits, no mail-out’s, no paper waste. Our records show that tenants who are able to pay their rent online, have 75% more on-time payments than tenants paying with traditional checks. You also receive your payments faster due to our owner direct deposits.

Move-out Procedure

We have guidelines and rules that need to be followed by all tenants when moving out of your home. We will take care of all procedures and communicate the progress with you. Harder Real Estate Group, LLC will inspect the property with the tenant during their move-out, handle repairs, tenants communication, and all other aspects of property management. With our existing tenant management option you do not have to be present or available – we take care of everything and direct deposit your monthly rent payment minus our fees into your account.

Repair Requests

Tenants can request repairs online through our website using our convenient maintenance request form. Repairs can also be scheduled by phone. Our team of highly professional, licensed & insured vendors will schedule the repairs, provide estimates, and perform the repairs to the highest possible standards. if necessary, we do obtain competitive bids on repair projects that exceed regular amounts. Unless we feel the repair is an emergency and are unable to contact you immediately, no repairs will be performed without your permission if the repair exceeds $200.


We use professional accounting software for our Property Management division to provide you with detailed monthly statements showing your income and expenses as well as all applicable fees. We also provide year end summary statements for all of our home owners to make your tax preparation simple and easy. In case of repairs, we do not authorize repairs unless the amount is less than $200. Any amount exceeding $200 needs your authorization. We will contact you accordingly to gain permission to perform the repairs. Your monthly rent income is deposited via ACH into your account to eliminate paper waste and for you to receive your income faster.

Performance-based fee structure

Our management fee is 10% of the collected rent per month. If we do not collect rent or the tenant does not pay, we do not get paid. With the Existing Tenant Management option, you do not have to pay the procurement fee, since the tenant already lives in your home. The procurement fee only applies if the existing tenant moves out and we find a new tenant to occupy your home.

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